Reokonsa Mindfulness

Take care of your soul. Your thoughs. Your feelings. Your health.

By thinking the right thoughs. By taking control over my feelings. By doing and saying the right things. I become the person I want to be.

I become what I think.

I become what I say and do.

I decide what person I want to be.

I will be good at what I practice.


Reokonsa AB give you tools to become who you want to be. To become happy. To get flow. Panta Rei. Every day. Through the crucial changes in your life. That through practice give you the thoughts, feelings and habits that give you a happy and successful life.


Reokonsa AB also provide relaxation massage.

To help you focus your energy on what is good for you.


Reokonsa AB are certified within and only use scientifically documented and proven techniques.


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